What’s in your crystal ball?

So, I’ve been a little quite lately, but it’s for good reason!
I have been busy working on some very special projects which I will be revealing to you all here in due time 🙂

The first of these special projects involved these cute little crystal balls, which you might have seen before if you’ve been to my facebook page (if not, er, why haven’t you?)

These cute little balls are made from 3mm swarovski cystal bicones and crystal luster delica cylinder beads and they barely measure up to 1.5 cm in diameter! Tiny I tell you! They are very light and could be used in a variety of designs (oh, I have a LOT of things in mind), but for this bespoke item I made a fun and colorful, yet elegant and classy, bracelet.

Lovely, no?


One thought on “What’s in your crystal ball?

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